From manufacturing custom boiler ancillary equipment, including deaerators, pump skids, economizers and chimneys, to building a boiler that can fit through narrow entryways; our boiler experts can provide the custom solution you need to power and heat your organization.

Custom Engineering infrastructure
The Business Perspective
  • Out-of-the box custom boiler solutions
  • Large-scale custom projects (heavy design)
  • Cost efficiency (dealing with one single company)
  • Access to boiler engineers, manufacturers and transportation experts
From the Engineering Desk
  • Value engineering dealing with our experts
  • Custom designs to meet your initial specifications
  • Extensive documentation
  • Compliance with safety and quality standards
Operations & Maintenance
  • Durable equipment (built to last)
  • Locally sourced, inventoried and catalogued components (can be quickly replaced)
  • Simoneau design-built guarantee