At Simoneau Sterling, we make it a point to provide you with the most efficient steam production solutions, including audits and preventive maintenance, and to keep you abreast of the latest in boiler innovation.

As we globally shift towards a more carbon neutral based economy, hydrogen is likely to play a more predominant role when it comes to industrial energy production.

But is hydrogen really the best way to reach your full energy potential?

Hydrogen firing: the way of the future
Very environmentally friendly, hydrogen combustion produces no carbon dioxide at the point of use. In fact, the combustion process creates pure water. Through a closed-loop combustion process, hydrogen boilers can eliminate all CO2 and NOx emissions. Compared to conventional steam boilers, these types of boilers provide even greater energy and fuel efficiency.

For some organizations and manufacturers located in areas where hydrogen production is relatively inexpensive, hydrogen combustion can indeed be a cost-effective energy solution. For other regions where hydrogen production is pricey, it’s the opposite.

The transition to hydrogen combustion can also incur hefty costs in terms of boiler equipment upgrade, but at Simoneau Sterling we can help you lower the cost impact by means of progressive boiler room modernization.

Whether it’s for steam or hot water generation, hydrogen is fuelling the next evolution in boiler innovation.

Fuel efficiency done right, one piece of equipment at a time
Part of our energy efficiency commitment includes having on hand the boiler industry’s most innovative equipment and instrumentation in terms of fuel efficiency. That includes modern controls combined with state-of-the-art burners, boilers equipped with condensation economizers and intelligent burners adapted to steam production needs.

A diagnosis designed to help you save money
Our team of experts is dedicated to maximizing the energy performance of your steam systems and of your industrial and institutional thermal power plants.

Thanks to our extensive energy efficiency audits, we can help maintain and extend the health of your boiler room equipment, minimize unwanted interruptions and unnecessary costs and, above all, protect your workers and your buildings.

Diagnostic Services
  • Inspection of the heating facilities and the structure
  • Inventory of heating, air conditioning and electrical installations
  • Measurements: Plumbing, electrical, ventilation Review of existing data
Energy Audit
  • General building presentation
  • Calculation of energy needs
  • Recommendations for optimizing energy efficiency
  • Estimation of costs and savings
  • Information on available tax credits and grants
Preventive Maintenance
  • Our technicians follow a rigorous list of equipment validations, adjustments and application of proper water treatment to maximize your steam boiler performance.