When you need a boiler to keep up with your building’s steam production or high-temp hot water generator, whether you’re operating a manufacturing plant, hospital or hotel, yet you’re limited in space, design-built mobile boiler rooms are the portable energy solution you’re looking for.

Mobile boiler rooms. Shifting power
The Business Perspective
  • Multipurpose cost-efficient boiler option
  • Energy redundancy
  • Replacement and temporary replacement solution
  • Low footprint option
From the Engineering Desk
  • Strong QA conducted in a controlled environment
  • Value engineering dealing with our experts
  • Meet safety and quality standards and guidelines
  • Reach performance, operational efficiency and cost-effectiveness objectives
Operations & Maintenance
  • Easy manoeuvrability
  • Minimum security and hygiene issues (fewer people onsite)
  • Durable equipment (built to last)
  • Locally sourced, inventoried and catalogued components (can be quickly replaced)
  • Simoneau design-built guarantee