Whether you’re looking to generate low or high temperature water or thermal fluids, either to access low- or high-pressure steam, a flextube boiler is the way to go. Some of the multipurpose and compact boilers we carry come with an integrated economizer which makes them one of the most efficient of their kind. In fact, adding a second economizer to their system increases fuel efficiency to 95%.

Flextube boiler
Maverick Hot Water Boiler

Formerly known as AQT, MAVERICK® is a flexible tube O-type construction designed to generate power in any conditions. Its extensive capacity ranging up to 66,95 MM Btu/hr or 70,000 PPH lets you grow your energy production with your ever changing business needs and opportunities. Whether your design calls for a steam or a water application, whether your installation consists of a plant, institutional or commercial building, or you are constrained to burning a specific fuel, MAVERICK® is your multi purpose platform.