Entirely designed, built and rigorously QA tested in a controlled environment, a prefabricated boiler room is an ingenious solution that allows you to considerably minimize your operational downtime and onsite labour cost. This type of boiler room solution, ideal for both new and existing steam and heating applications with scalable needs, is completely trial fitted for assembly in-house, disassembled in manageable sections and then reassembled in your boiler room when you’re ready.

For new building projects, a prefabricated boiler solution allows you to continue construction while your boiler room gets assembled in our manufacturing environment. For existing projects, it means you can minimize downtime by at least 40% and keep your old boiler running as we develop your new system.

Design and operate the boiler room of the future
The Business Perspective
  • Long-term energy savings
  • Aligning value engineering with boiler performance needs/options
  • Cost-efficient timesaving solutions
  • Quick payback
  • Minimized security and hygiene issues (fewer people onsite)
From the Engineering Desk
  • Minimized risks
  • Comparative model approach on capacities and redundancies
  • Value engineering dealing with our experts
  • Strong QA conducted in a controlled environment
  • Compliance with safety and quality standards
Operations & Maintenance
  • Minimal downtime at installation
  • Durable equipment (built to last)
  • Locally sourced, inventoried and catalogued components (can be quickly replaced)
  • Simoneau design-built guarantee