Get more efficient about your industrial boiler. The experts at Simoneau Sterling can help you select the right burner technology and controls to meet your energy needs and keep your total cost of ownership low.

Combustion you can rely on

Access the most technically advanced modern burners on the market. With our extensive knowledge in combustion (both liquid and gaseous fuels), we can offer burner technology that ranges from 12 kW to 90 MW for several different types of boilers and applications. Our boiler experts not only have the necessary skills to replace and repair your burners at all times, but also to help you select the best one to meet your operational needs.

Cutting-edge monitoring technology

Get comprehensive 24-7 control over your industrial and commercial boiler processes thanks to our line of state-of-the-art controllers that allow you to manage things virtually from one multi-touch screen. These devices are ideal for various boiler applications and steam generators that either use oil or natural gas and are designed to help you reduce your gas emissions and fuel consumption.

These higher grade controls, which can last up to 25 years before refurbishment, can help you analyze your boiler’s efficiency not only in terms of energy but also with regard to cost and environmental impact.

Our technologically advanced controls can also preemptively detect boiler problems before they arise based on data input/transfer, including blowdown system complications and how many BTUs you could potentially save, contributing in turn to your carbon offset initiatives.

Dealing with an unmanned boiler system? These innovative controllers, integrated with safeguard indicators and cloud-based mobile technology, can even help you oversee your operations remotely and send you alert notifications when the boiler experiences any issues.